Talent Shows

Let the Talent Speaks the Volume
It’s time to reveal the hidden talent inside of you and enjoy the realm of entertainment with Vibhushitam. At Vibhushitam, we are dedicated to make every event and occasion a captivating hit show that leave the audience excited, surprised, and thoroughly entertained. With a passion for creativity and commitment to perfection, we curate the talent shows that perfectly show the vibrancy of different artforms.

It's Time to Bring Out Your Hidden Talent with Our Interesting Competitions


Singing Competitions

Turn your undying love of singing into your passion and participate in our mystic singing competitions.


Dance Competitions

Can’t stop your feet when the music hit your eardrums? Dance on your favorite beats with a competitive spirit with us.


Instrumental Competitions

Take your knowledge of playing different instruments on stage and let the people know about your talent with Vibhushitam

Talent Shows

Variety Competitions

Show your variety of talent with great enthusiasm in our variety talent shows. Give a chance to your hidden talent and passion!

Talent Shows

Comedy Competitions

Turn your sarcasm and humour in a passion and let your jokes speak for your unique talent. Participate in our interesting comedy talent shows!

Youth Talent

Youth Talent Competitions

Bring your unique and amazing talent forward and let the world know about your capabilities. Come to the stage with your amazing talents at Vibhushitam!

Experience the Magic

Whether you are passionate about singing, dancing, and comedy or find peace in instruments, poetry, and painting, our talent shows support your every talent with a warm heart. No matter if you want to participate in our exciting competitions or sit back and immerse in the magical world of talents, we have everything covered for you!